10 Easy and Fun Summer Activities

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I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for activity ideas to keep my children entertained.  Here is a list of some of our favorites.

  1. Play Holi
  2. Visit a zoo
  3. Create a lemonade stand
  4. Visit an amusement park or carnival
  5. Color in our rangoli coloring book
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Take a hike or nature walk
  8. Complete our Rangoli puzzle
  9. Go fruit picking
  10. Have a water balloon fight

1. Playing Holi is an easy way to get outside and burn some energy while learning about our culture.  You can incorporate a water balloon fight, running through sprinklers and water soakers into this activity also, to help wash away some of the gulaal.

2. Visiting a Zoo is always fun.  Watching the children learn about the various animals, and picking their favorites to see and learn about is always great.  We pick an animal and head to the library to first do some research and at the end of the week we head to the zoo to see the animal we just learned about in person.  This is also a great activity to do with visiting family and friends.

3. Create a Lemonade Stand – With the recent heat wave, a nice cold lemonade will cool anyone off.  Watching the neighborhood kids market their lemonade stand via social media (with the help of their parents) and then having them work the stand allows them to learn so many real-life skills and lessons.  From social skills, to entrepreneur skills, to marketing, and money management.  Not to mention the fun they will have bringing the neighborhood together. We hope you enjoy a refreshing lemonade today!

4. Visiting an Amusement Park or carnival is always the highlight of the summer for any child.  Eating funnel cakes and cotton candy while waiting line for the tilt whirl or ferris wheel are memories your child will always remember.

5. Kulture Khazana Rangoli coloring book – We always need a rainy day or beat the heat afternoon activity.  What better than coloring in our Kulture Khazana Rangoli coloring book.  This book comes in handy all the time. You can use it in the car or airplane, and at home. Don’t forget to order yours today!

6. Have a Picnic – Have a free afternoon?  How about a picnic in the park?  Allow your little one to help make sandwiches and pack some fruits and veggies along with beverages and an activity to spend the afternoon in the park. Cherish these small moments with your children as you spend time catching up.

7. Visit a Nature Trail or take a hike – Do you have early risers in your home?  If so, an early morning hike or nature walk is the perfect before nap activity.  Head to the nearest trail to enjoy the fresh air with your little one.

8. Kulture Khazana Rangoli Puzzle – Need a few minutes to just get dinner on the table?  Bring out the Kulture Khazana Rangoli Puzzle for your little ones to put together.  Need to make it harder, have them assemble it backwards.

9. Fruit Picking – There is so much fresh fruit this time of the year.  If you live near a farm, take the kids fruit picking.  We have been strawberry and blueberry picking so far, and look forward to peaches and apples in the coming weeks.  I know you are thinking what to do with all this fruit, here are some ideas: make popsicles, smoothies, breads, or pies. Another activity you and your child can do together.

10. Water Balloon Fight – Water play is fun at any age.  That spur of the moment water balloon fight is the perfect way to wash the Holi gulaal away, or the Rangoli chalk on your sidewalk or driveway, but better yet just to cool down on these hot summer days.

We hope these ideas are helpful, as you plan out the remainder of your summer.  Remember we only get 18 summers with our children (maybe less since the teenage years they want to do less with us) so make the most of the time together. 


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