5 Ways to celebrate Navratri with Kids

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Happy Navratri everyone!  Nav means 9 and ratri means nights. Navratri honors the Divine Feminine. We honor the Divine Feminine energy and Her various forms. Goddess Maa Durga and her 9 forms protected the world against evil to restore peace and prosperity. Given the diversity of culture, languages, food and clothing across India – the Navratri celebrations look different everywhere across India.

As our children get older we want to pass down our traditions and culture to them.  Here are 5 (five) activities to celebrate Navratri with kids and turn your playdate into a Garba party.

  1. Listen to our Navratri Story
  2. Watch our Navratri Story
  3. Create your down dandiya’s
  4. Make a Toran kit
  5. Listen to a playlist

Listen to our Navratri Story

Story Aunty Akruti has created free online stories.  You can listen to our online Musical story about Navratri story to learn about the festival and it’s origins.  Click here to listen to this story on Spotify.

Watch our Navratri Story

Here’s a visual Navratri story. Make screen time cultural!! Also, have the kids spot the Dandiyas in this story and discuss these “sticks” with them.

Create your own dandiya’s

Head to your nearest craft or home improvement store and get some dowels.  Dowels are pre-cut round sticks, perfect to decorate and make your down dandiya.  Your children can decorate them with lace, ribbon, washi tape, or even paint them.  Add some gem stickers or feathers to the end and you are all set for your Dandiya party.

Make a Toran

Kulture Khazana has the perfect craft for your children.  Make a toran that can be used for Navratri and Diwali.  This kit is perfect, it has everything you need.  Including: 12 felt pieces, gold ribbon, glue dots, and gem stickers.  The felt pieces are designed in traditional shapes such as – mango/paisley, leaf and Diwali lamp (Diya).  Visit our store to order this wonderful kit.Diwali

Listen to our playlist

We have curated a playlist your family can listen to while creating dandiya and the toran kit.  Click here to listen.

Now you have all the elements to host the perfect children’s garba.  We hope you have a wonderful Navratri.



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