Sundial Craft for Makar Sankranti

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Several Harvest festivals are celebrated across India between January 13th – January 16th. Lohri, Magh Bihu, Sankranth, Sankranti, Makar Sankranti, Uttrayan, Pongal, are some of the celebrations observed during this time. All these festivals honor the Sun and the harvesting of the crops. This time marks the transition of the Sun from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere on this day.

This festival is celebrated with dances, kite flying, bonfires, and feasts. The beginning of a spring season and harvesting new crops is marked by this day.

Here is a fun sundial STEAM craft you can do with your child.

Materials needed:

Paper plate





Step 1: Take your paper plate and mark 12, 6, 3, and 9 equal distant apart.  Use a ruler if needed.

Step 2: Fill in the rest of the numbers all the way around

Step 3: Find the middle of the plate and make a dot.

Step 4: Use your scissors or carefully poke the tip of the pencil through your plate.  Make sure the eraser side is on the inside of your plate. This will help the pencil stand up.

Step 5: Now you can take it outside and see where the sun cast a shadow to see what time it is.

To learn more about sundials click here to read about the Sundial at Konark Sun Temple in India.

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