Sundial Repurposed into a Kite

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Happy Uttarayan!  As we celebrate the festival of many names there are many ways to celebrate it.

Our last craft was a STEM activity making a sundial.  Let’s take that sundial and repurpose it into a kite.

Material Needs:



Popsicle Sticks



Paint brushes

Hole puncher

Water cup/Water

Tape (optional)

Ribbon (optional)

Step 1: Cut the middle part of your plate out, leaving enough room to paint and punch holes

Step 2: Punch 2 holes across from each other and 1 hole at the bottom

Step 3: Paint and design your kite, and let it dry

Step 4: Tie a tail at the bottom of the plate and decorate it with ribbon (optional)

Step 5: Weave your yarn across the 2 top holes and tie a knot, then wrap a good amount on your popsicle stick.  This is what will give your kite height in the air.  Adding a piece of tape to attach the yarn to the popsicle stick is suggested so you don’t loose your kite string.

Enjoy your newly repurposed kite, and do not forget to yell Kai Po Che (meaning I have cut) when your kites get tangled up.

To read more about our Sundial Activity, please click here to visit our blog.




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