Celebrate India Republic Day with Playdoh Rangoli

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India Republic Day is a day to celebrate India’s transition to a sovereign republic.  It’s the day the constitution came into effect on January 26, 1950.  India Republic Day is one of only three national holidays in India.  This day is celebrated with flag hoisting ceremonies and parades by armed forces and school children are held in different parts of the country.

To commemorate the 74th Republic Day we made a playdoh rangoli.

Materials Needed:


Dry Beans


Dry Grains

This activity uses what you have at home.  Use any types of dry grains, legumes, rice, daal you have on hand.

Step 1: Roll your playdoh into a ball

Step 2: Flatten your playdoh into a disk.  Try to keep it thick so the larger grains can stick.

Step 3: Start making your pattern.  This is a great activity to work on fine motor skills and the pincer grasp with your child

If you do not have playdoh at home, here is a quick recipe to make your own.

8 tbsp plain flour

2 tbsp table salt

60 ml warm water

food coloring

1 tbsp vegetable oil

Mix to combine into a dough

This activity allows us to explain to our children what the different daals, and legumes mean to families in India.  We just celebrated the start of the harvest season, and what joy it is to bring it full circle.


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