Celebrate National Puzzle Day with family

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Today is National Puzzle Day.  Every year it is celebrated on January 29th.  Puzzles can be fun and therapeutic at the same time.  They allow you to exercise your brain, which is just one of the many benefits of puzzles.  Puzzles come in many different forms, whether it’s a crossword, jigsaw, trivia, word searches, brain teasers or sudoku, puzzles can put our minds to work.

Working on jigsaw puzzles can use both sides of the brain.  Study’s show the memory improves, cognitive function and problem solving skills, also improve by working on puzzles daily.  You can increase your vocabulary and language skills by working on word searches and crosswords.

The social benefits around puzzles can bring generations together.  It’s an activity for all ages young or old.  Puzzles also help in a meditative way that allows relaxation and an opportunity to focus the mind.

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