How to share Holi with your child’s classroom

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Holi, known as the festival of color, is quickly approaching.  This festival represents the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil.  This year Holi is celebrated on March 8th.

As a parent, I know I am searching to find non- toxic colors, that can be safe for my children’s sensitive skin.  In India dry colors are called gulal, and wet colors are called rang.  Pichkaris or water soakers are used to mix the dry colors with water to create rang.

Playing Holi is fun at any age, but especially the toddler, elementary school age.  If you are looking for ways to introduce Holi to your child’s classroom here are a few tips.

  1. Talk to the teacher, and see if a cultural lesson on Holi is allowed
  2. Take in a book to read.  Some of our favorite’s are:  Let’s Celebrate Holi – From the Maya & Neil Collection,  Holi Hai by Chitra Soundar, and Festival of Colors by Surishtha Sehgal.
  3. Take in an activity.  If dry colors are not possible, see if you can do any of the following: tie dye shirts, make color art with a straw, make cards, make a Holi Spring Tree out of colorful tissue paper.

These activities help a child understand the Festival of Colors and excites our own children to share their culture.  If you are looking to play Holi at school, check out our school kit.  To hear our Holi Story, from our very own Story Auntie, click hear to listen on Spotify.

Holi Hai!



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