Parenting Hacks: Keeping Your Kids Entertained At Weddings

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Young child having fun at a wedding as she enters in with the Groom

Summer is here and that means wedding season is in full effect. Attending a South Asian wedding is hands-down one of my favorite experiences. They’re filled with love, beautiful traditions, vibrant colors, music and dance!  However, when you have children in tow, ensuring they stay entertained throughout the festivities can be a challenge. Plus, if your weddings have multiple events or long ceremonies, then you know the struggle. The constant monitoring or chasing can be exhausting, but over the years of trial and error (lots of error), I’ve found a few great ideas on how to keep my kid entertained and out of trouble. 

Here are a few practical tips and creative ideas to keep your little ones engaged so you can enjoy some of the fun as well. 

  1. Plan Ahead: If your children are old enough to understand, give them a little run down of what they can expect. For example, they may have to be a little more quiet during the ceremony or know that the night may run late, but they’ll have everything they need to be comfortable.  This will create a little ease in their minds and allow you to anticipate their needs.
  2. Bring Activity Kits: Prepare activity kits or goody bags filled with age-appropriate activities such as coloring books, puzzles, stickers, or interactive toys. Our tabletop Rangoli puzzles and sticker book are the perfect festive activities for kids– not to mention how fun they are to share and work on with other children! 
  3. Build a Reading Corner: Does your little love to read? Set up a little reading corner to make your child feel like they have their own comfortable, quiet place to set up and read a book. If you’re attending an Indian or South Asian wedding, we have a range of cultural books for kids to learn from and enjoy.
  4. Engage in Creative Crafts: Set up a designated area where your children can unleash their creativity through wedding-themed crafts. Provide materials like paper, markers, glue, and stickers to make cards, decorate fans, or create personalized wedding favors. Our personal favorites are the Rangoli Wooden Coaster Kit and Diwali Garland Kit that can double as the perfect little wedding gift for the couple! If you are travelling for the wedding, these are small enough to not take up too much room in your luggage. 
  5. Lean Into Technology: Screen time! I know we all want to be the parents that don’t succumb to pulling out the iPad or smartphone, but we’ve all been there. Curate some playlists on Youtube or download some educational or cultural videos that have the perfect balance of education and entertainment. If at a South Asian Wedding, some Bollywood dance videos are perfect to get them in the groove.

Weddings are fun and stressful. We hope you get to cherish the time with your children as you celebrate and make these fun memories.


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