Indian Flag DIY Craft using – TicTacs

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As a mom of a craft-loving 6-year-old, I love creating DIY things from items on hand to get my son in the mood of a holiday or celebration. To commemorate Indian Independence Day on August 15th, explain the journey of India and how it attained freedom from British rule, we did a craft. I decided to look into my pantry instead of my craft drawer for supplies. Found these colorful TicTacs and voila, I had my supplies.

You will need the following for this craft

  • Orange, white and green color TicTacs
  • Blue round or oval shaped candy
  • Pencil
  • Piece of paper
  • Glue stick
  1. Start with drawing the flag on a piece of paper
  2. Apply glue stick to the bottom of the third portion of the flag and paste green colored TicTacs

3. Follow that step by applying glue to the second portion and pasting white colored TicTacs

4. Apply glue to the top portion and paste orange colored TicTacs

5. Place the blue candy in the center to represent the Ashoka Chakra

6. Color the flag pole and you have your Indian flag!


This craft also provides a great opportunity to discuss the significance of the flag colors –

Saffron represents – strength and courage

White represents – peace and truth

Green represents – fertility and growth

Ashoka Chakra represents – Wheel of Dharma or path to enlightenment


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