3 Raksha Bandhan Activities for kids

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Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu tradition that is centuries old. It has references in the epic Mahabharata.  It is a holiday that celebrates love, unity, and bond of protection between siblings and loved ones. Since it follows Lunar calendar, the date differs every year. This year Raksha Bandhan is on August 30th, 2023.

A sacred thread called a “Raakhi,” is tied on the wrist of a loved one in a ceremony filled and sweets are exchanges. Raakhi symbolizes positive wishes and protection. 

Raksha Bandan thali with Rakhi, rice, diya, and kumkum

Raksha Bandan thali with Rakhi, rice, diya, and kumkum

As an immigrant mom raising an Indian American, I make it point to celebrate these holidays, talk about the significance, and make them fun. You can also refer to our blog on Parents.com about Raksha Bandhan.

This year, we are celebrating by adding the following 3 fun kid-friendly activities –

1: Color in a card for each other

We have created a perfect Raksha Bandhan card which kids can color in and gift to each other. Nothing screams love, more than a hand made card.

Download the Free card printable here.

2: Make a picture for each other

Ever seen what kids draw when they create portraits? Those are so fun and it is even funner to see things through a kid’s lens. Have them sit in front of each other and make a picture of each other. See what they come up with. You may need to go shopping for a frame!


3: Decorate a Raakhi thali

As a kid, we used to put our Raakhi’s, Kumkum, rice, and sweets on a decorated prayer plate – Puja Thali. So we created a kid’s version with paper plates. Last year we provided directions on how to make your thali.  Please click here to see those directions again.

Completed Puja Thali

We hope you enjoy these fun and versatile activities with your family this festival season. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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