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Treasure Tales - Audio story album

Join us as we take you on a magical journey to learn about Hindu Mythology and Indian festivals with our new musical story time - Treasure Tales!

This album is available on all music streaming platforms. As Kulture Khazana continues to create products that help us share our culture through play, we realized how important it is to be the ones telling our OWN stories! It was vital that these stories are accessible to everyone around the world.

Whether you're passing time in the car, need to keep the little ones busy, want to learn more about the stories you grew up hearing or wish to learn about Indian culture - Treasure Tales is perfect for everyone.


Album Credits - Writer/Narrator: Akruti Babaria, Sound Engineer: Ravi Ray, Music Composer: Rianjali, Production/Mgmt: Jashima Wadehra and Suswana Chowdhury(Ode)

Treasure Tales - Collection

Ganesha Story

Hanuman Story

Holi Story

Krishna Story

Navratri Story

Diwali Story