Our Story

Mompreneur Akruti Babaria started Kulture Khazana to help bring heritage and culture to kids around the world. Kulture Khazana provides Indian books, workshops, puzzles and holiday boxes to forge community and confidence in children. “Khazana” means treasure, and we believe learning about your identity and sharing it with others is an asset.  

After the birth of her son, Kulture Khazana’s founder, an immigrant mom, experienced a need for materials to share with her son. In early 2018, Akruti quit her full time job and set on a mission to source these materials for her family and other families raising a global child. She now creates puzzles, holiday boxes and children’s activity books.

Kulture Khazana has provided children’s materials to over 2100 families, public libraries, nonprofits, temples, and schools across the US. Kulture Khazana is focused on developing a product line that helps families make heritage and culture accessible, shareable and affordable from around the world. In the last three years we have also provided story times, cultural workshops, professional development workshops, and corporate cultural programming.

Whether you’re a parent, a pediatrician’s office, a library, a media outlet or kids looking to have fun, building community starts with the treasures of home, and we’re here to help bring them to you.

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